Run a DKG node

The OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph (DKG) is a permissionless, open, decentralized network that anyone can join and participate in. By running your own node you can easily generate Knowledge Assets and publish them to the Decentralized Knowledge Graph, as well as host the DKG to receive valuable TRAC rewards from knowledge publishers.

Self-host a DKG node

Sovereignly own your knowledge by hosting a DKG node on your infrastructure, in your own way. Generate and publish your Knowledge Assets to the DKG, query the public graph and have your node participate in network utility for additional TRAC rewards.

OriginTrail technology is Apache 2.0 licensed and free to use by individuals and enterprises alike.

OTNode command line
Knowledge asset ship

Are you a high-load user?

If you are looking to generate hundreds of thousands of Knowledge Assets per month and need enterprise-level support, contact Trace Alliance to get you in touch with a service provider.

Knowledge asset ship

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