The multichain approach, outlined in the 2017 whitepaper, embodies three key principles of the ecosystem: neutrality, inclusiveness, and usability. It drives the expansion of the DKG to blockchain ecosystems, leveraging its unique capabilities.

Blockchain tailored for the trusted knowledge

A tailored L1 blockchain innovation hub for the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph, secured by Polkadot and governed by the OriginTrail community. Fueling the Knowledge economy via the Neuro utility token, it’s built for connectivity across the Ethereum and Polkadot ecosystems through EVM compatibility and the power of Substrate.

Key features:


Tight integration with knowledge graphs and AI


DKG growth incentives via the Neuro token


Community-led on-chain governance


Scalable L1 environment for the knowledge economy


EVM support for easy integration


Decentralized, secured by Polkadot


New blockchain functionalities such as Graph Contracts

innovation hub

With the OriginTrail DKG V6 launch on the NeuroWeb on Polkadot, innovation and expansion of the infrastructure for Knowledge Assets on various blockchains is now possible (Polkadot Parachains and EVM compatible networks alike). This will enhance the value of interconnected Knowledge Assets across blockchain networks according to Metcalfe's law.

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