Knowledge Graph

Trusted knowledge foundation without limitations of a single blockchain.

multichain growth

Knowledge Assets and its functionalities are now accessible across multiple blockchain ecosystems, starting with the Polkadot system, with plans to expand to other EVM-compatible blockchains.


Connected and verified

The key to OriginTrail's multichain approach lies in its innovative protocol, which connects different blockchains through off-chain data hashing and reference checking. This protocol allows different nodes to verify each other's data integrity and authenticity, without revealing the actual data or requiring consensus on a global blockchain. Instead, each node maintains its own blockchain, which acts as a local ledger of verified transactions and events.

Built for better control

The multichain architecture allows for selective data sharing, based on predefined rules and permissions. For example, a supplier can share only the necessary data with a buyer, without disclosing sensitive information to other parties. This level of granular control over data sharing is critical for protecting intellectual property, trade secrets, and confidential business information.

Neutral, inclusive, useful

The multichain approach, envisioned in the initial 2017 whitepaper, embodies the three key principles of the ecosystem — neutrality, inclusiveness and usability — driving the DKG expansion to blockchain ecosystems that benefit from the unique capabilities of the Decentralized Knowledge Graph.

Benefits of multichain

By enabling secure and efficient data sharing across different blockchains multichain provides:









OriginTrail Parachain

OriginTrail Parachain extends discoverability, verifiability and greater value for interconnected Web3 assets to Polkadot.

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